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Why the WANDRD PRVKE Backpack is the Only Pack You'll Ever Need (2023 Review)

Updated: Jan 11

How many times have you gone on a trip only to find that the one backpack you brought doesn’t fit all of your gear? If you’re anything like me, it happens way too often. My current pack just barely fits everything I need it to, and if I ever want to take another pair of shoes or my laptop with me, there’s no way it will all fit in my backpack. So when I found the WANDRD PRVKE, I was skeptical that it would hold everything I need it to and still be comfortable on the trail. But, this WANDRD Backpack is hands down the best travel bag that I’ve ever seen in my life. In fact, this one has absolutely everything that I need out of a backpack, and nothing that I don’t. If you’re looking to get the best possible travel backpack, look no further than the WANDRD PRVKE Backpack. The following are some of the reasons why this bag has taken over my travel-carrying needs completely.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for yourself.


WANDRD backpacks are different from other brands because they take the entire backpack function to a new level. By focusing on quality, functionality, and design, it makes for one of the most highly engineered bags out there. The largest size features a padded laptop compartment which can hold laptops up to 17 inches. Not only does this make it perfect for school or work, but its TSA-friendly zip closure allows you to travel with ease. For the eco-conscious traveler, the pack is made from recycled materials like repurposed truck tarps and waterproof nylon ripstop. But don't worry, even though these packs are durable, they're still lightweight! The straps are also adjustable so that you can carry your pack in whatever way works best for you. Whether it's across your chest or over your shoulder, the WANDRD backpack has got you covered. Plus, every bag comes with a lifetime warranty and free repair in case anything happens to it while you're on the road.

Build Quality

WANDRD offers a variety of high-quality, lightweight, and durable products for travelers who want to explore life outside of their comfort zone. One of their latest products - the PRVKE backpack - comes with multiple useful features including RFID protection, waterproof material, and an easy access hip belt pocket. It’s also built tough: made from Dyneema® composite fabric (formerly Cuben Fiber), which is lighter than nylon and stronger than steel. The light weight makes it easier to pack up and go on long hikes or short day trips without feeling weighed down by your belongings. Plus, there are two color options: black or blue!

Storage and Organization

There are a number of compartments on this backpack. One side has two mesh pockets, which are great for carrying dirty clothes. The opposite side has three zippered compartments - one large and two small. The front pocket has two elasticized sections on either side to hold long cylindrical items such as poles or ice axes. And finally, there's a large zippered compartment at the top that's great for storing dirty or wet gear.


It doesn't matter if you're a minimalist or spend most of your time wandering from place to place with your pack on your back. There's a reason that Wandrd backpacks are designed to make life easier, more comfortable, and more versatile than any other backpack on the market.

Just check out these five reasons why the Wandrd Prvke backpack might be right for you.

1) Wandrd backpacks have an ergonomic design that takes into account how humans move when they walk. The result? A bag that doesn't just stay where it's put, but stays close to your body instead so you can enjoy carrying it without straining yourself in the process.

2) WANDRD backpacks have a waist belt (on some models), which not only helps stabilize the weight on your shoulders, but also provides a perfect spot for small items like wallets, keys, phones and power cords.

3) One of the coolest features of Wandrd backpacks is the use of military-grade materials that can stand up to extreme conditions as well as water-resistant materials so you don't need to worry about things getting wet inside your bag.

4) Every Wandrd backpack comes with a Lifetime Warranty, which means that the company stands behind their product no matter what happens. Whether it's falling off a cliff or hiking through miles of desert sand, your backpack will always get the support it needs - guaranteed.

5) And finally, every Wandrd backpack has removable frames and straps that can easily be taken off and reattached depending on the task at hand. That way, whether you're biking around town or trekking across countries, your gear will fit exactly how you want it to.


The shell is made from 5,000D Polyester that's coated in a DWR and 1000D Pongee Nylon. This provides a very strong, protective material to shield your gear. The zippers are made of nylon material with durable YKK zippers. Inside the main compartment there are four mesh pockets that can be used for anything like camera gear, toiletries, or food. There are also two smaller compartments on the outside which can carry electronics and snacks. There is even a spot for your laptop. It comes in three different sizes (small, medium, large) so you get the perfect fit no matter what size you need!


If you've been in the market for a new backpack for any length of time, it's probably safe to say that you know there are tons of options out there. And with companies coming out with new designs every year, it can feel like a bit of an overwhelming process to settle on something that's just right. Luckily, we think we've found one that will be perfect for most people. For starters, it comes at a price point that won't break the bank - and if you want to get really specific about your dollar amount, it ranges from 219 (depending on which style and size you pick). But what makes this pack stand out among other backpacks?

Let's dive into the specs.

First, the weight: It weighs 2 pounds - as compared to 3 pounds for many other packs.

Second, space: It has two main compartments and three smaller pockets in total.

And third, comfort: The padded shoulder straps make carrying heavy loads easier on your shoulders. We have no doubt that this pack is the best backpack for most people looking for a high-quality product without breaking their budget!

Different sizes

The Wandrd Prvke comes in three different sizes which are the Wandrd PRVKE 21, Wandrd PRVKE 31, and the Wandrd Prvke 41. The 41L bag only comes in Black whereas the 21L and 31L bags come in Black, Aegean Blue, Wasatch Green, and Yuma Tan.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for yourself.


Simply put, there's no better way to keep your life organized than with a backpack that's not only roomy and comfortable, but also simple to adjust for any excursion. If you're looking for versatility in the outdoors, simplicity at work, or hands-free comfort in crowds - it doesn't get much better than this.

The Wandrd PRVKE backpack has exceeded all of my expectations, and I've been telling everyone I know about it. It's made me rethink what I need in a pack for every occasion. It comes highly recommended.

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