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Top Things to Do in London in 2022

London is an incredible large city and can be overwhelming to the first time visitor. This guide will show you my personal recommendations for the best things to do in London in 2022.

1. Big Ben

To see Big Ben is to see the icon of London. It is a beautiful site to behold and a must do on any trip to London. Big Ben is attached to the Houses of Parliament. In the fall, you can take a tour and see both the House of Commons and House of Lords.

2. Tour the Tower of London

The Tower of London is a must do for any history buff. Many famous events in British history happened here, most of them not good as famous imprisonments and executions. To go to the tower in medieval times was never a good thing.

3. See Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a famous icon not to be missed and is located next to the Tower of London. It's a beautiful site during the day or at night.

4. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the royal heart of the city and the country for that matter. Don't miss the changing of the guard that happens daily as well as an opportunity to tour the palace in the fall when the Queen leaves for Scotland

5. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is located next to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. This historical building has held many royal events from weddings to funerals and includes tombs of some of the most famous royal figures from British History from Kings and Queens to Famous Writers and Scientists to everyone in between.

6. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a lively part of Central London. There are tons of Broadway style shows, Time Square style lights, and a vibe all its own. Piccadilly Circus is a wonderful place to spend an evening while visiting in London.

7. St Pauls Cathedral

A beautiful cathedral that is so large you can see it's famous dome over much of the city. Many royal events have also happened here such as the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (the future Princess Diana)

8. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is the busy heart of the city and a great place to relax and people watch, weather permitting of course.

9. The British Museum

10. The Shard

The Shard is the new star of the city. It is by far the largest building and no trip is complete without a trip to the 72 Floor.

11. Eat some yummy fish and chips

Fish and chips is the icon English meal. It's typically made with Cod and you will find places everywhere that serve it and I have honestly never had a bad one, but my personal favorite is a little takeaway place in front of the Tower of London so order sit, eat, and look out at the Tower of London and Tower Bridge while you enjoy your tasty and fairly reasonable inexpensive meal.

12. Go to a football (soccer) game

The British love their football (soccer for the Americans). There are tons of teams all over, but you really would miss out if you didn't get to the see an English Premier League game. Chelsea and Tottenham are some of the biggest names in the city.

13. Go hangout at a local pub

Going to a pub is a way of life in London. It's a great place to try a pint, eat some fish and chips, and socialize with newly discovered friends.

14. Do a Ghost Tour/Jack the Ripper Tour

Given the dark history that surrounds most historical locations, a ghost tour in London is an interesting way to see the city at night with a group. The most famous tours follow the route of Jack the Ripper. You will see several companies trying to sell this tour around the Tower of London.

15. Go for a stroll in Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, and St. James Park

London has incredible green space and a walk or picnic in one of its famous parks are not to be missed. My person favorite is Kensington Gardens as I used to stay next to it during my many visits to London. Next to Kensington Gardens is Hyde Park and in front of Buckingham Palace is St. James Park.

Now you are ready to try the best things to do in London. I wish you a wonderful journey full of surprises and sensations. Don't hesitate to share with me your thoughts about the best activities to try in London and your overall experience. I look forward to reading your comments!

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