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Top Things To Do In Copenhagen in 2022

Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, has evolved over the years to become a modern treasure trove and a hub for beautiful cafes, beguiling historical attractions, and magnificent architecture.

There are so many things to do and see in this city and here are my recommendations:

1. Visit the Rosenborg Castle

Built by Christian IV, the most renowned Scandinavian king and the longest-ruling Danish Monarchs (and in all Scandinavian monarchies too), this castle features over four centuries of pure grandeur. Rosenborg Castle will offer you a phenomenal historical experience with incredible art, beautiful furnishing, jewelry, and textiles from different times.

The castle was initially meant to be a summertime residence for the royals.

However, despite the king having many architectural projects, this 17th-century renaissance building quickly became Christian IV's favorite residence. He loved it so much that he chose his bed-chamber as his deathbed. The castle is still home to royal art treasures, the Royal Regalia, and the crown jewels. But the Great Hall is probably the highlight in this attraction with coronation thrones and life-sized lions.

2. Stroll around Roskilde Cathedral

Located about 20 minutes train ride from the heart of Copenhagen, Roskilde Cathedral is the place where the Danish kings and queens are laid to rest. Roskilde Cathedral was among the first buildings in Copenhagen to introduce Gothic architecture.

While the architectural aspect of the church is charming in its own right, the most fascinating thing about this attraction is the royal bodies that lie within it. There are over 40 kings and queens buried here! The cathedral is set in a beautiful laidback town with a Viking museum. If possible, you should take some time to stroll around other attractions in the area.

3. Have some fun at Tivoli Gardens

Established in the 18th century, Tivoli Gardens is a beautiful playground for all ages and a superb amusement park that's a must-visit while in the city. Situated at the heart of Copenhagen, Tivoli is believed to be the world's oldest amusement park still operational to this day. With its central location, the park is the perfect choice for a day out with family, friends, and even solo.

Walt Disney had visited this amusement park several times in the 19th century, and it's believed that this park was Disney's most significant source of inspiration.

From live performances to thrilling white-knuckle rides, there are so many activities you can try in this park. But if you'd rather relax and watch, strolling around Tivoli has been known as a recipe for creativity. After all, it's in this park that Hans Christian Anderson, Danish's most renowned writer, drew inspiration to write the fairytale Nightingale.

4. Explore Copenhagen on a bicycle

Copenhagen is hands down one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe. And what's a better way to explore this splendid locale at a leisurely pace than to hop on a bike and cycle? With so many attractions to offer, hopping on a bike is the smartest way to explore most of the city's points of interest within the shortest time.

Now you are ready to experience the best things to do in Copenhagen in 2022. I wish you a wonderful journey and please don't hesitate to share with me your thoughts and about your travel experience. I look forward to reading your comments!

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